Your specialist recruitment agency providing you with a professional, reliable service, supplying high caliber registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers.


Your specialist recruitment agency providing you with a professional, reliable service, supplying high caliber registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers.


East Point Care does provide a part time and full-time staff cover to manage any type of Crisis situation in health care sector on short- or long-term basis. Our Crisis Management Team can be mobilized on a very short notice e.g. last minute call. We can fill the requirement as emergency cover or long term arranged cover. This team is led by Qualified mental health nurses who can proactively formulate and implement care plan including risk management and behaviour management plan, which can reduce most of the immediate risks. Our goal is to support patients safely with less restrictive measures in place within the community and in care settings. Our team have been and are still involved in complex cases in medium secure units with one of our clients (the second largest private healthcare company from NHS).

Smiling elderly man in a wheelchair and friendly caregiver in a nursing house

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A service you can rely on

East Point Care Ltd is able to supply a wide range of Registered Nurses (including RGN, RNMH, RNLD), Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers with specific skills tailored to the needs of individual service users. We are a dedicated recruitment and staffing consultancy, specialising in:

  • Home Care Services
  • Mental Health Services (NHS & Private)
  • Learning Disabilities Hospitals (NHS or Private)
  • General Hospitals (NHS & Private)
  • Care Homes (including learning disabilities & supported living
  • Nursing Homes (for the elderly)
A professional caretaker in uniform helping a geriatric female patient on a wheelchair. Senior holding a cup and sitting by a large window in a rehabilitation center.

Crisis Team Nurse Led learning disability and mental health support.

 Supporting people on their Recovery Journey and promoting independent in making progress again in the comfort of their homes and community. 
East Point Care community services provides Crisis Team Management to dispatch nurse led teams on short- and long-term packages specialty to manage complex cases which needs complex care support including mental health, learning disabilities and autism. Our Crisis Team brings outcome focused support in for young people (aged 12-17), young people transitioning into adult services (aged 16-17) and adults (aged 18+)

Domiciliary Care Team

We have a well experienced and reliable domiciliary care team. People in this team have acquired knowledge and skills from different fields in healthcare sector such as mental health ( young people, adults and elderly), learning disabilities (young people, adults and elderly) and elderly in nursing homes. Out team has the capability of providing care to people in their own homes. We can provide cover on short term notice or long-term arrangement including live ins.


Our core values:

Team Work

Patient Safety



How we help you

Our Crisis team have developed person-centred approach and treat people as individuals. We can instil hope, motivation and resilience throughout your recovery journey.

We work with (CCGs) Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local authorities, Case Managers and Private clients in England.

Your trusted partner Crisis Team &

Home Care Team 

We structured crisis team to provide complex care packages on shorter term or long term to people with dignity and respect in their own homes and communities.
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